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Direct To Garment

The best print result will be from a file that contains an image with clean sharp details.  A 100% vector file has the advantage of being able to be resized with no loss of quality, and any unwanted background can often be removed.  A bitmap image that is high quality with clean sharp detail, and which is at the size to be printed will also give good results.  A PNG or TIFF file or a Photoshop file at an original resolution of 300ppi  will usually meet this requirement.  For printing colored shirts, any image must have a transparent background.  That means that the only content that can be in the image is that which is to actually show on the printed item.  Unless it is to be printed, no white can be in the image or in the background.  By definition, a JPG image is a compressed image. JPG images vary greatly from one to another in quality. Some are fairly good, and some are totally unusable for a good print result.  ALL have reduced quality to some degree.  A JPG image cannot have a transparent background.